Sharp●PS® Sharp Memory + Hair Growth for Men (Father’s Day Bundle)



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Kordel’s Vitality for Men

Sixty percent of the human brain is made up of fat making it the fattiest organ in the human body. The fatty acids are however crucial for the brain’s performance hence brain-boosting nutrients such as phosphatidylserine (a phospholipid and is a component of the cell membrane) is such an important essential for optimal brain health.

KORDEL’S SHARP●PS® SHARP MEMORY uses clinically proven Sharp•PS® phosphatidylserine derived from soy lecithin to help:

  • Mental sharpness – supports the formation of neurons (information messengers in the brain) and communication between brain cells.
  • Good brain health – covers and protects the cells in your brain and strengthens brain structure.
  • Memory and sharp thinking – formation of short-term memory, the consolidation of long-term memory, ability to retrieve memories and the ability to learn and recall.

KORDEL’S SHARP●PS® SHARP MEMORY contains phosphatidylserine (PS), the natural building block of the brain. It is essential for proper brain function, a must-have for healthy nerve cell membranes, leading to improve concentration, alertness and sharp memory. KORDEL’S Sharp•PS® SHARP MEMORY provides the needful supplemental nutrition for optimal mental health and improve cognitive abilities.


Hair Growth for Men
Kordel’s Hair Growth for Men contains several essential nutrients that help men achieve healthy hair. With olive oil as its key ingredient, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin K, it provides nourishment for the hair and scalp, helping to keep hair strong and healthy.

It also contains biotin, which helps the synthesis of the protein keratin and therefore improves overall nutrition, as well as phyto-collagen, which supports new collagen formation. With this combination, Kordel’s Hair Growth for Men helps to achieve thicker and fuller hair